Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phishers Ramp Up Their WoW Assault

Phishers have begun targeting the remote auction house and cataclysm betas in the latest wave of WoW account phishing spam.

In the first example, unsuspecting users receive an email promoting the features and benefits of the remote auction house and invite them to participate in the beta by clicking on a download now link. The link takes them to a fake login site where their game details are captured.

A sample email is shown below:

A second type of phishing email is targeting the Cataclysm beta opt-in. Users are sent an email reminding them to update their system specifications to be eligible for a beta invite by logging into Naturally, the link is a fake site designed to collect your account credentials:

Be wary of any email that pretends to come from Blizzard and check the URL of any linked site before entering your account credentials. Visit our anatomy of a phishing site post for information on how to spot phishing emails and better protect your game account.

Let us know if you have received emails scams like these.

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